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At the time of divorce, you want to protect your assets, investments and other property interests. Pennsylvania is an equitable distribution state, meaning that at the time of divorce, property will be distributed between the parties as fairly as possible. At the law office of Tara L. Hutchinson, we represent a diverse clientele — including men and women who are professionals, business owners, and dependents — in protecting their personal and marital assets at the time of divorce.

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Protect Your Property During Divorce

Even if both you and your spouse are in agreement about the fair division of assets, it can become complicated very quickly. Determining what assets are marital, how much assets are worth and how to determine alimony and child support requires an experienced assessment. We will work with experts when necessary and ensure that property is appropriately valued. We will protect your personal interests and rights to assets and investments, including:

Strategic advocacy to protect your interests
Our firm is experienced in strategic negotiations to accomplish your objectives with minimal impact and cost. We will keep you informed and abreast of all new developments in your case. It is our priority to take a personalized approach to ensure that we can return the results that you need. While we will work on resolving cases through negotiation and settlement to minimize costs, we are also prepared to take any case to trial to protect your rights. In addition to the division of property, we are also experienced with handling other issues, including the tax consequences of divorce.

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