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Adoption is complicated and involves the rights of biological parents, stepparents and children. Whether you are considering adopting a child or you want to protect your rights as a biological parent, we can protect your rights and interests. At the law firm of Tara L. Hutchinson, we have the experience you need in helping clients secure their rights and the best interest of children in adoption cases.

Protect your rights and the best interests of your children with advocacy from an experienced Pittsburgh adoption attorney. Call our Southwestern Pennsylvania office at 412-371-4500 for a free telephone consultation.

Know your rights under adoption law
We will take time to understand your unique circumstances and objectives so that we can develop the most appropriate solution for you and your family. Usually adoption proceedings will 1) terminate the parental rights of a parent or parents and 2) arrange adoptive and guardianship rights of another parent. It is important to know the law and to make sure that both processes are resolved to avoid future disputes.

We are experienced with cases involving:

Stepparent adoption cases
In stepparent adoption cases, six months or more of no contact with child by a parent can be grounds for terminating a birth-parent’s rights and granting adoption to a step-parent. We will help you understand the process, make sure you understand your legal obligations as an adoptive parent, and get a decree from a judge for adoption.

Experienced advocacy and counsel you can trust
Our attorney will give you a no-cost telephone consultation so that you can describe your current situation and decide how you would like to proceed. We always provide honest, reliable feedback to our clients so that you have reasonable expectations for the outcome of your case. Our priority is to give you the advocacy you need to achieve results with minimal cost and impact in your case.

There are many adoption lawyers in Pittsburgh’s east end.  Call now to find out why Attorney Hutchinson is the right one for you.

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