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Clear, understandable legal support, just when you need it most.
Whether you are contemplating separation and divorce from your spouse, wondering what to do with legal paperwork you have just received, looking to set up an estate plan, needing to establish a guardianship over an incapacitated family member, or are facing any other situation where family law impacts your life, there is one thing at least that is certainly true:

You have decisions to make.

You may never have gotten closer to the legal process than a parking ticket, and you might not even be sure what questions to ask, or where to begin taking action. You know that your choices will affect you and those you love for years to come, but you don’t want to play guessing games with your own future let alone with your children’s well-being. You are being asked to make decisions which will have financial and emotional consequences both now and for years to come, often at a time of deep grief and personal challenge, yet you are expected to look at everything as though it were a simple business transaction.  The entire process feels uncertain and overwhelming.

An hour of your time can point you where you need to go.

After we have a free telephone consultation and decide your situation will be a good fit for our office, we begin by scheduling a fixed-fee consultation, so that we can sit down together to go through your situation in the detail it deserves. You will find us respectful, engaged and never judgmental. We will be sure to answer all of your questions, including questions that you might not know to ask. By the time we are done you will know where you stand, what your options and risks are, how Pennsylvania law applies to your circumstances, and which of your goals seem most achievable. We will call things as we see them, good or bad and without sugar-coating, because it is better for you to learn difficult truths from your lawyer across a desk, before you hear them from a judge across a courtroom. We will explore and create coordinated strategies to help you to get the most out of your situation with the lowest impact on both your life and your wallet. By the time we finish, you will leave with a strategy knowing what to do next.

If you choose to retain our services we will offer you a team approach to make sure that your case is handled promptly, skillfully and economically. We will set achievable goals and coordinate with you regularly as we pursue them. We will keep you fully advised of developments in your case, and will make sure that you understand at all times where matters stand and where we are heading. If your case needs to go to trial, we will take the time to thoroughly prepare you for it so you know what to expect.  At every step of the way, you can expect us to return your communications promptly and clearly.

You will get through this, and we can help you do it.

When you need clear answers to difficult family law questions, call Pittsburgh attorney Tara L. Hutchinson at 412-371-4500, or fill out the form on the right side of the page.

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